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Stop Silent - Valves for Every Application

The Stop Silent light check valve has been developed for the waste water house connection. Installed in seconds, Stop Silent Light ensures reliable backflow protection as well as longevity.

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Dundi Switzerland - Sprays and Liquids

Dundi Switzerland is the Swiss representative of Dundi Daniel & Jäger GmbH from Germany, which specializes in the production of sealing materials, technical fluids and sprays.

Transport Technology | History

Transport Systems - Logistics and Automation

Our cableways were developed in 1942 in Switzerland for the transport of firewood from inaccessible mountain forests.
Thanks to its curves, this cable car system found its way into a wide variety of applications.

About Us

Lasso Technik AG

Lasso Technik AG was founded as a family business by Albert Schüle in Switzerland in 1942 and is now run by the third generation. The traditional Swiss company stands for high-quality products and has profound knowledge in flow technology.

The patented Stop Silent Check Valve, a brilliant invention of Albert Schüle, has evolved over the years in accordance with changing standards.

The company’s headquarters are in Basel, Switzerland.


  • 1942 as single company named Kabel Lasso through Albert Schüle; coming from the technical office St.Alban.
  • 1943 construction of the first mobile Lasso cableway in Vallée de la Lienne (Switzerland), installed by M. François Briguet
  • 1957 change into a joint-stock company
  • 1959 increase of the share capital